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YochaiBenkler describes three modes of production in [CoasesPenguin]. People producing according to market (price), contractual (firm) or commons-based peer production (social). TopicCompetition suggests that personal fortune may drive balkanization of wikis. In other words, responding to market or contractual signals is different from what drives people to co-create spaces.

This is true, but its important to distinguish the difference between UsersAsDevelopers? and companies like SocialText that develop commercial tools and services. If a firm has economic motives, suggesting that the tools it develops leads to TopicCompetition is TechnologicalDeterminism. Point may be moot as SocialText supports OpenSource too.

What's different is that there will be more UsersAsDevelopers?, and whether this is bad or good is subjective. Primarily, users themselves will be driven to produce by social signals. Point may be moot as we have Google and the LawOfTheNiche?.

 -- RossMayfield (who should probably AvoidConflict)

In many cases, notably OpenSource, and what you are doing right now, social signals are more efficient at production. -- anon


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