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A Palo Alto, California-based company with a distributed team including people who are active in wiki and weblog and other internet community and business.

The base of the Socialtext Workspace product Brian Ingerson's KwikiClone [1].

Socialtext melds WebLogs and wikis, email and InstantMessaging together for enterprise-level groupware. Of course, they call it SocialSoftware.

Features include:

It was just used at the RSS Winterfest http://www.socialtext.net/rss-winterfest/ if you want to see some of its latest features in a rare publically accessible site.

They have recently hosted the PC Forum ConferenceWiki, which covered topics not unfamiliar to MeatballWiki, for which they have a [wiki].

At the same time, you should see their [Social Software Alliance].

They also have a [archived] mailing list

Of interest to me is [Emergent Democracy] essay that came out of a [Happening]. I do believe the site is password enhanced, not sure why, seems like anyone can have one. MarkDilley

It's probably just a bad habit.

Any wiki can be public or private at the discretion of the host. --AdinaLevin

An interesting reference to this company, taken from a Gartner report dated 2004-09-23, titled "Apply the Knowledge Gained From Building a 'Wiki'". I found the article to be focused more on the generic aspects of collabotation (all be it using a wiki) rather than on any specifics related to Wikis. -- HansWobbe

Open-source products dominate the wiki software product market. There are more than 200 wiki-related products under development at SourceForge?.net (http://sourceforge.net), although only a dozen or so are popular among users and developers. Wikis will not remain the exclusive preserve of open-source software -- the commercialization of wiki products has begun. Two examples are Socialtext's Workspace and Atlassian Software Systems' Confluence. A growing number of hosted solutions target small and midsize businesses. Vendors such as IBM and Microsoft probably will integrate wiki-like functionality into their e-workplace suites. As wikis' suitability and value in other contexts are better understood, wiki-style collaboration probably will be supported in Web content management, team collaboration and smart enterprise suite products.

["Championing a Wiki World"] article in Business Week 2004-10-19 describes "Socialtext, Ross Mayfield's Web-collaboration outfit"

I am interested in an OpenSource wiki comparable to either SocialText, AtlassianConfluence? or ProjectForum? in terms of both features and ease of setup. Any recommendations?

According to [Ross Mayfield's blog], Social text goes opensource next week (as of July 20th 2006).

Yes, it was released 2006-07-23. It doesn't look easy to install however...

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