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Rob Graves

Theologian, Gestalt-therepy trainee, Community Worker, Webmaster (begining). Wife and two boys six and eight.


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I am interested in "gestalt" ways of seeing into the inter-personal, and into non-human lifeforms, like communities or corporations.

I hope to be a respectful guest and see what happens.

Thanks for the welcome.

Theological Brand is liberal. Still convinced of the great evangelical certainties. Also universalist. Influence by political theology and liberation theology. Presently training across disciplines - Gestalt Theory and Practice, and Philosophy as a way of preparing myself for PHD studies in Public Theology.

Interested in "hospitality", and also reframing theology in terms of shame/acceptance as an adjunct to guilt/forgiveness.

I work as a community worker at present, and want to develope a therapy practice.

Currently reading "recent changes" and a random page when I come on line.



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