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Author of Wiki:WyPy and PwykyWiki. Sean B. Palmer rather enjoys hacking anything in Python, but when it comes to wikis he gets particularly frantic.


I was routing around looking for graphic algorithms and I found this: http://www.prog.cz/rozdel.shtml?http://www.prog.cz/swag/swag/graphics/main.htm. ;) -- SunirShah

Oh no! Another SWAG... well we knew there might be some other groups called that. Reused acronyms are just an occupational hazard :-) Our "SWAG" is at http://purl.org/swag/

Whoops. @#$%! frames. Try this one instead. http://www.prog.cz/swag/swag/graphics/0027.htm. Not that finding your stuff is extremely surprising in retrospect, but considering we just met it was funny. -- SunirShah

Oh, well actually that "Sean Palmer" isn't me. I haven't even got a clue what that page rambling on about! I usually spell my name with a "B." in the middle to make me stand out from all the other Sean Palmers out there. And yes, I hate frames to... but then being a Web accessibility bloke, youd expect me to :-) Cheers, Sean

So, there's another Sean Palmer doing something with something else called SWAG?! Man the improbability drives, we're going to Andromeda! ;) --ss

Heh, heh: I'm glad you're an HitchHikersGuide? fan (isn't everyone?) - SBP

Note that I changed my homepage URI to a PURL, cf. http://purl.org/ and http://www.w3.org/Provider/Style - useful tips for anyone who publishes to the WWW!

Also from this author... See also the ancient QuickWeb, which was, if I remember correctly, a pile of junk in ASP.

I'm quite pleased with PwykyWiki (whose name is actually really just pwyky, but I don't like PwyKy? as a WikiName), but one does wonder how best to promote these sorts of things. Send a barrage of emails to Daily Python URL? Spam lots of wikis like I'm doing now? Mail lots of weblog owners? Maybe I'm just not cut out for Web-promotion. --SBP

Keytar! Welcome back. -- SunirShah

Haha. Thanks, Sunir. I was wondering how long it would take you to notice my re-emergence into the wonderful world of meatball. I wasn't expecting to measure the time in microseconds, frankly... good job; and thanks again. Keytar forevvah! -- sbp


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