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Self-archiving is a term used by the GNU EPrints system on implementing a technical solution for science publication, although it is not (yet) meant to replace paper printed articles. Christopher Gutteridge, University of Southampton, has won the 2005 UKUUG Open Source Award for his work on GNU Eprints. Currently (Jul05) 160 sites manage 86000+ entries (full text may be available or not).

The software components are very similar to a typical wiki: Browser front end + apache, mysql database backend, perl scripts in between, XML for configuration. Open question: where does the 2-5 MB statistical storage requirement per entry come from?

Bruno Latour's website is an excellent example of SelfArchiving: http://www.ensmp.fr/~latour/

For a summary & roadmap of Latour's Science in action (1987), see SocialConstructionOfScience.

See also: WikiSciencePublication



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