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One might surmise a panic button on a SoftSecurity site that would FishBowl the site to all but trusted users (the GatedCommunity). Only those trusted users could see that button. Only they could revert it. In this way, instead of banning just one IP, one would ban every IP except those BuildingJanitors who can clean up whatever mess has been left behind. This might be useful if SlashDotted or under a DenialOfService attack. Also, this may DevolvePower from one GodKing to at least an echelon of wizards. In a way, it's like raising the drawbridge (the gate). Any captain of the guard may call the order and any may belay the order. It's a compromise between an open community and a GatedCommunity when attacks are not constant or devastating.

The example of the pattern that gave it its name is shown at ZWiki:ShieldsUp.


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