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The Sleepless-Night wiki is focused on PalmOS software development using the Quartus Forth and Quartus RsrcEdit? tools. There is also some content on Chuck Moore's colorForth system. The wikimaster is KrisJohnson. The software is TwikiClone.

The TourBus stops at http://kristopherjohnson.net/wiki/TourBusStop.

There is also a small subwiki set up for independent contractors and consultants. There is little content there at the moment, but all are welcome to join in. See http://kristopherjohnson.net/ic.

 TourBus information record:

 name: SleeplessNightWiki
 tour bus stop URL: http://kristopherjohnson.net/wiki/TourBusStop
 host and e-mail: KrisJohnson (mailto:tourbus@kristopherjohnson.net)
 language: English
 mission: Quartus Forth development for Palm OS handhelds
 wiki-software (clone) used:
 geographical location: North America
 neighbourhood: ?
 date of birth: April 2001
 pages/homepages: 500 / 85
 open or closed: open; registration requested but not required
 tour connections / current: SOFTWARE-DEVELOPER-TOUR 
 tour connections / wanted: 
 date of last update: 2002/7/8



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