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From their site:

"This wiki is now mostly a personal wiki. However, many of it’s subjects and pages can and eventually will spawn their own wikis, and seek to attract their own communities. So, this wiki also acts as a repository for SeedPosting content, for this wiki, and future wikis that are created relating content in this one." -- FridemarPache


Hi Sam, when copying this quote to here, I noticed, that SeedPosting existed in MeatballWiki as a nonempty link, but not in SocialSynergyWiki. Isn't it possible to share the common linkspace with the OddMuse engine? ;-) [fridemar]

Fridemar, if you look at it now, it's working again. What happens is that every day OddWiki Hive runs a CronJob?, which updates all of the NearLinks. Every once in a while, Meatball server doesn't like to give OddWiki server the data for Nearlinks, and they show up as empty pages instead on OddWiki sites. Then a few days later, the two servers play nice again, and everything works. Since I have no admin acccess to either server, I'd never be able to resolve this problem. OddWiki sites are free, but do not give users access to the server they run on, only the wiki application itself (which is fine with me, since the goal of OddWiki is not to be a wiki farm, but "MotherWiki?", that wikis migrate from eventually (see CommunityWiki:MotherWiki) -- SamRose

Google:SocialSynergyWiki Google:SeedPosting




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