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What kind of connections between Art and Technology ?

Technologies are means to test the nature of our perception, our ways of thinking, questions about supports, forms and materials used are main questions in artistitic practices.

One of qualities of information and communication's technologies is to be at the same time tools to product meaning and the space of production of these tools : a whole environment. This environment allows new ways to use objects, to watch differently our relations with others, to notice behaviors from a different point of view, to imagine new forms of creation...

This environment allows new manners to formulate inherent questions to human being about its own nature, its becoming, its relation to existence.

What kind of connections can we see between art world and software world.(1)

   ** Description of a 'creation'**(2)

  - 1/Art world / analogic  
- Production of an ended object - Background : ideas, materials and instruments - Form : artefact or performance, title of the "created object" and creation date. - Localisation of the object ( where is maintained or/and exhibited.)

  - 2/Software world (3) / digital 
- Production of an open-ended object - Background : ideas, algorithms - Form : source code, name of the "created object" and the different releases and plug in of this "object" . - Access to the object and the different releases and plug in (where obtain them, test them, develop them)

Ended object : you can alter it but it becomes a new object instead of the initial one.

Open-ended object : you can alter it and keep it at the same time in its initial state.

 ** Transplantation of Art in the cyberspace **

The transplantation of Art in the cyberspace create a new field of potentialities for artistitic practices, so cyberspace is a new space for artistic experiences.

Through notions originally from Art world : one author/some spectators, a title/a single work, one form/reproductibility of this form ,.... we can imagine new ways for creation based on specificities of internet which allow each one to be at the same time author and spectator and also producer : editor of an open-ended creation.

Reproductibility as source of communication and creation

It's a way to go from a work of the form to a form of work, in permanent transformation through the various versions of a single generic title. It's a process of creation, a process which allows to connect artistic practices and software cultures through a common aesthetic.

How to define SoftwareArt

We can try to establish connections between references from software cultures to art practices references to define Software Art.

Release / update: transitional forms

- Constantin Brancusi (4) : combinatory art, potential variations, and also integration of plinth (medium) in the artwork process.

- Marcel Duchamp (5) : ready-made / capacity of an object to generate mental representations when it's put out of its original context and out of working.

Interface / screen: space of appearance

- Constantin Brancusi (6) : " It's a bird ! ", what's an artwork ?

- Marcel Duchamp : ~ It's the watcher who makes the artwork ~, spectator's position as interface between the author and his work, which reveals the artwork.

Environment / system : shared space and processus of production

- Joseph Beuys (7) : individuals as creators inside social sculptures, politic environmental

- Claude Rutault (8) : Systems wich generate painting process. These systems allow implication of each actor from the conception to the reception, in differed times and different spaces.

All these references define artwork as an individual experience, and this experience is the only original creation because there is no way to reproduce it, but it's possible to share it through a new kind of production...


(1) - [Comment devenir un artiste?] réécriture (version 2.0) par Antoine Moreau du texte [“How to be a Hacker”] de Eric S. Raymond ,d’après la traduction française réalisée par Stéphane Fermigier

(2) - [Open creation] - [Art libre]

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(5) - [Ready-made] / Marcel Duchamp

(6) - [When Law Defines Art.] " It's bird ! " Brancusi vs - États-Unis.

(7) - [Sculpture sociale] / Beuys

(8) - [La peinture définie avec méthode] / Claude Rutault

Others ressources

- [The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction]

- [L'oeuvre d'art à l'époque de sa reproduction mécanisée]

- Walter BENJAMIN, " L'oeuvre d'art à l'époque de sa reproduction mécanisée ", rééd. dans Écrits français,Paris, Gallimard, 1991, 389 p.(Bibliothèque des idées).

- ["L'oeuvre d'art à l'époque de sa reproduction numérisée"], Yannick Magnien.

- [Software Art]

- [Don’t Call it Art: Ars Electronica 2003 - Lev Manovich]


Real-time collective graphic interaction on the Internet Mbone

Art & science research on real-time collective phenomena

The "Poietic Generator" is an experimental system which enables a large number of people across the world to interact individually in real time into a single collective image.

The PG is accessible 24 hours a day over the web without any plug-in. Experiments consist of short sessions announced a few days before in order to bring together at the same time as many participants as possible.



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