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Originally, from the film industry, the number stamped on a workprint cited by a director or editor identifying the location of a cut. In contrast, a more general action-based description (e.g. "right after he closes the door") of the point at which the cut should be made leaves a degree of artistic freedom to the director's assistants.

In group dynamics and relationship dynamics, a specific frame is a case -- a particular, factual set of circumstances that possibly illustrates a broader conflict or problem. SpecificFrames are a powerful pattern because they are harder to refute than generalizations. "You're always running late" often leads to pointless argument, while "you were late for lunch with my Mom yesterday" is, if factual, difficult to challenge.

SpecificFrames work because they are less subjective and because they do not have as much an appearance of an attack as a broad, sweeping statement.


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