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After a rather long hiatus, I find myself returning to MeatballWiki with new stuff to share. All old personal content has been put in the attic (aka StephenGilbertArchive). My previous GoalStatement is still relevant:

I want to learn about and explore online community and culture with a group of unusual and insightful people. In doing so, I intend to help create a new kind of Internet culture based on trust, intelligence and good faith. Finally, I like this place, and I want to cultivate what we have here.

All of my contributions to MeatballWiki are still PublicDomain. See PrimarilyPublicDomain for more info on what this means in the context of this wiki.

As of early 2011, here's what I've been up to:

My To Do List

Feel free to offer suggestions or requests.

Things I'm Looking For


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