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I stopped by to look up something or other, and much to my delight I find MeatballWiki has been cleaned up and un- FishBowl -ed. I've been thinking about a variety of vexing things lately, and have been wishing for a new Meatball community to hash them out with. Is there any interest in revitalizing things here?

I am mostly inactive on most social media. Mastodon is the exception:

(all old content from this page in StephenGilbertArchive)


I'd like to. I'm overwhelmed in life, but I think the digital world we're all in is chaos and not positive. Conversely, I'm enjoying the OpenAI bot and working on using it to accelerate collective knowledge generation at the CloudSoftwareAssociation? and AppBind?.

What are you interested in? -- SunirShah

Some of the things on my mind lately:

More to add as I think about them. I just know that I miss an active and thriving MeatballWiki community, and I think we could really use the folks in this little corner of the net to get things simmering again.


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