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Founded TheWell. Co-founded the ElectronicFrontierFoundation as well as the ClockOfTheLongNow? (see LongNow).

His resume is at: http://www.well.com/user/sbb/bio.html

He was one of KenKesey?'s MerryPranksters?, and helped organize the famous AcidTests? (as described in TheElectricKoolaidAcidTest? by TomWolfe?). In 1966 he started a campaign that supposedly pressured NASA into releasing the first pictures of "the whole earth" (and then recycled the name for the WholeEarthCatalog in 1968). He also helped behind the scenes in Wiki:TheMotherOfAllDemos. In 1972 he wrote the article in RollingStone? that first described computer hacking to the outside world (see Wiki:FanaticLife).

Wrote several important books:

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