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The Seven Laws of Money by Michael Phillips with the help of his friends StewartBrand, Salli Rasberry, Richard Raymond, and Jug 'n' Candle.

Includes "The Last Twelve Hours of the Whole Earth" by Thomas Albright and Charles Perry, and "Destination-Crisis Paper for the POINT Board of Directors" by StewartBrand.

Note: The current edition contains only the parts written by Michael Phillips. The other content (including the two articles mentioned above, and Salli's intro) was dropped for some reason. If you want to read the other parts you must track down a copy of the first edition. But the main text stands on it's own.

From the introduction by Salli Rasberry:

"Many people had been coming to me seeking advice about raising funds for their parent-supported schools. ... I turned naturally to Michael Phillips. ... We sat around a tape recorder in Mike's living room with Jug 'n' Candle, Poet and old friend, and out came the basis for The Seven Laws of Money. It was typed, copied, and circulated around to everyone from friends... to executives at the Ford Foundation." At the Library of Congress, Michael found "3,900 books about money and not one book which was concerned with the concepts of right livelihood and the forming of alliances; nothing intuitive, sexual or feeling, none incorporating the attitudes we feel are important in our lives and in the lives of the people we admire."

The Seven Laws:

1. Do it! Money will come when you are doing the right thing.

2. Money has its own rules: records, budgets, saving, borrowing.

3. Money is a dream: a fantasy as alluring as the Pied Piper.

4. Money is a nightmare: in jail, robbery, fears of poverty.

5. You can never really give money away.

6. You can never really receive money as a gift.

7. There are worlds without money.

"A friendly, upbeat guide to using money instead of being used by it."--Marsha Sinetar, author of Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow.

ISBN 0394706862 (alternate, search) Hardback 1974. Not available. My copy says 0-394-49224-3. Online bookstores say it is a paperback published by Random House.

ISBN 0394492242 (alternate, search) Paperback 1974.

ISBN 0877739498 (alternate, search) Paperback 1993.

ISBN 1570622779 (alternate, search) Paperback 1997. Widely available

ISBN 1570622868 (alternate, search) Audio tape 1997.

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-- EdwardHuff

See also StewartBrand, TheWell.



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