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StrikiWiki is a proof of concept WikiClone being developed by JeroenMostert that 'tries' to impose structure on a Wiki.

The basic idea was to add a template functionality. Every page as a form associated with it. This form describes what sections this page has. A form is just another page. As a form is basically just a list of section everybody can make a new form.

Try It See it in action at http://ch.twi.tudelft.nl/~mostert/striki/teststriki.pl (BrokenLink, 11 July 2006)

see also Wiki:StrikiWiki

StrikiWiki main purpose is to research ways to support collabatorative structuring and organizing of information.

The original idea for the content of StrikiWiki was a ProgrammersKnowledgeBase? so things like patterns, idioms, good programming books, protocol descriptions etc.



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