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                    Battering against the 
                    dry and dusty depravities 
                    of DocumentMode, SuckMode 
                    draws people in with a 
                    jocular, convivial ease. 
                    Popularity, eternal fame and 
                    draining quantities of nookie 
                    are guaranteed to all who 
                    wield its savagely sarcastic 

                    Even after the demise of [Suck], 
                    its ghostly specter continues 
                    to haunt us in the form of sites 
                    like [As the Apple Turns].

“The style, the thing is, I kind of felt like you had it or you didn’t,” says Cox. “It was an easy and hard time finding freelancers, in that I knew right away if someone was going to work. Either you had the voice down or you were never going to get it down.”

“Begin with a dependent clause that lasts for a few paragraphs,” explains Havrilesky. “‘Despite the burgeoning blah blah blah.’ It was like a wordy, run-on sentence, lots of dependent clauses—almost like a coy, ironic kind of style. Once you learned how to write in that style, it was easy to write. It was like writing in a different language. It was like you could turn to certain reliable turns of phrase. It’s hard to describe. In some ways it was like having that really stylized, weird way of writing made it easier to make basic arguments more fun. But sometimes it was impossible to understand, too.”

(From [The Big Fish])

Fight the good fight against the evil, precise pattern languages of computer scientists! Make your writing suck!


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