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This Suggestion for a Shared Ecommerce Solution, was originally a personal invitation to collaborate in the spirit of ExtremeOpenBusiness.

Call for collaboration: Hello Aaron, dear wikizens:

the author has posted to <->[Aaron's talk page at AboutusOrg] the following: , for which Aaron has given green light. As a convenience, Fridemar updates this Meatball posting to reduce communication efforts for all, who are interested to "join forces". The main reason for leaving this notice here on Meatball, is not only to keep our Meatball peers up to date, but to offer an Open Invitation to any motivated, creative, courageous and capable RealName contributor to join the new business model, so that we can start to create and share [1] as a community effort. -- FridemarPache (TimeStamp at bilinked AboutusOrg writing).


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