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OpenBusiness and ExtremeProgramming inspired this concept for social and business innovation, first presented in the Meatball community.

We started with two Google hits

Google (as an AI ;-) is given the credit to have noticed this idea in statu nascendi within minutes from the ShortDigest in the MeatballWiki.

Thanks to AboutusOrg for: Image link to [1]

Now we have over 23 million Google hits

Thanks to AboutusOrg for: Image link [2]

More stuff on the Twin Page


Fridemar offers Domain sharing to Aaron

FridemarPache: Aaron, as my thank you to you and the appreciation for your collaboration on ExtremeOpenBusiness, I offer you half of the gain of the (some minutes ago) bought domain ExtremeOpenBusiness.com, if you pay me half of the initial price = 3US$.

If you accept the offer, we both can subdivide our owned parts with prospective active partners for an increased offer price. In case you have partners and the domain is resold, then you get half of the gain and the responsibility to pay your partners.

The same holds for my partners on my part.

Seconds later, when I wanted to buy the other domains, they were already taken by some opaque business. My plan was to share the small initial investment with all active RealName community members here, who are interested in joining the ExtremeOpenBusiness.com initiative.

Next time, when a new idea for LiterateMarketing?, especially for LiterateDomainMarketing? is born, I suggest, to buy a bunch of related DomainNames? for sharing the investment and later the gain in the community.

This action page is a candidate for later refactoring into DocumentMode. The involved transactions can be factored out to other places in this wiki or another one.

As soon as possible the bought domain-name will point to this page, or a bilinked one.

Aaron accepts offer

AaronPoeze: I accept your offer. Now we need to figure out this transfer. The hard part would be picking the good ones. The other domains are now available. OpenBusiness domains are all taken what a shame.

FridemarPache: Thank you Aaron for sharing work, insights, investment and gain. What do you recommend as funds transfer method?

Create Connect Collaborate

FridemarPache: shows another real example of EOB in CreateConnectCollaborate

FridemarPache: As a good intro to the principles of XP, take the first hit of Google:ExtremeProgramming for easy reference. (There are millions of hits now).

AaronPoeze: There are many funds transfer methods. Your preferences and suggestions are important here. Perhaps a cheque is better although I am not sure how easy it is to draw a cheque in foreign currency for such small amounts. Many use paypal but I am not fond of the company's practices. However if it is the only reasonable option I will do it.

What about LETS

We could also use a LETS or iou based tool like [Ripplepay]. This will not do the transfer but will record the amount I owe and the reason for it.

Aaron offers additional Domain Sharing

To facilitate a stronger coverage of ExtremeOpenBusiness I have taken the liberty to purchase the domain [extremeopenbusiness.org ExtremeOpenBusiness.org] where hopefully my effort to forward the domain to this location has been successful. I offer this is the same spirit as Fridemar where I offer Fridemar the option to have one half of the gain of this domain for one half the change of $US7.99 which is $US4.00. I am also willing to share this domain out in a similar manner to extremeopenbusiness.com with the same kind of responsibilities and benefits. I took two screenshots and will discover how to make them available. I need to crop and convert formats and host them, likely on AboutUs.

I am currently paying attention to this XP website and seeing what I can learn from it.

Fridemar accepts offer

FridemarPache: Aaron, I accept your offer, making our relation, even more symmetrical. We both agree, that cheques on such small amounts are not the way to go. The cheque, Hans has sent me, is still not cashed out and when it is cashed out, I have to deduct 10 € for processing.

You are right for looking to better alternatives. What about doing it via the community http://NamePros.com. They use an internal currency NP$ for making real-time transactions. And they have an exchange for turning them into real US$ payed out via GoogleCheck? . I tested it once and now I have there a public visible positive account. This community is the largest one, doing SocialDomaining. I think they deserve to be considered as a platform for practising SocialDomaining in the spirit of ExtremeOpenBusiness.

Intermezzo by anonymous donor

AnonymousDonor: Coming from c2 to this page I get the impression that this page has no value whatsoever to me. Bye.

FridemarPache: Welcome, dear AnonymousDonor from c2 (I inserted AnonymousDonor, to appreciate your contribution here, inviting you to enlighten us about your values): It would be really helpful, to know your RealName, that makes your values transparent as an InterestStatement, so that we can balance y/our needs and wants accordingly. Supposing, that you came from Wiki:ExtremeOpenBusiness, I inserted some (hopefully) additional hints to bridge the worlds of Wiki:ExtremeProgramming and our topic here.

Aarons considerations on Social Domaining

AaronPoeze: (longer contribution starts here) Then we are agreed on the ExtremeOpenBusiness.org domain. Yes small transactions and fees do not work well together. Much points to SocialDomaining being your preferred kind of OpenBusiness, at least at the present. The selection of NamePros?.com as a suitable medium for our transaction balancing is an example. It is time for my concerns to be aired and the positive context you are reaching for be made clear not just to me but others that may be interested in involvement.

Domain trading like stock market speculation

Domain trading seems much like stock market speculation. Both are very present moment intense and are about conceptual belief in value in competition with other traders. In short it is often a game of winners and losers and has no positive net effect. In the context of ExtremeOpenBusiness I believe it's imperative the business conducted (here we are talking about domain purchase, sharing and resale) is one of CreateAndShareWealth. To me this means a net positive effect is found, in particular for the OpenBusiness participants, but also the wider society.

How does domain trading Create And Share Wealth

The extension of this basic concern is my inability to see how this domain trading will CreateAndShareWealth. It's my understanding that the real worth and value of specific domains relates to their expected or actual use. It is for this reason I have become involved with the ExtremeOpenBusiness domains. The core here is my belief domains are connected much like titles or perhaps real estate where the real value is the person who holds the title or the land that the real estate is trading in. Not the titles or real estate itself.

Do we have the skills

The second concern is that I am very short in the skills of such trading practices and domain value estimation and projection. I am excited by the possibilities of OpenBusiness but I am aware that the right skills need to be matched to business practices just as is the case with closed business.

Why Social Domaining

The last is more an open question. Why is SocialDomaining your preferred kind of OpenBusiness?

Extreme Programming as a guide

I have also read more on the ExtremeProgramming practices and I agree it has some value in the context of ExtremeOpenBusiness. I particularly like it's improved balance of documentation, group sizing and meetings. -- AaronPoeze

(end of Aarons contribution)

How does it Create And Share Wealth

FridemarPache: (Fridemar's longer response) Aaron, I understand your concerns and I am happy, that you bring it on the table. I leave this short note as a memo to myself for later elaboration. Meanwhile I am back on the computer and understand you questions mainly as the following task

Why Social Domaining as Open Business

You ask "Why SocialDomaining as OpenBusiness" or even better ExtremeOpenBusiness. The motivation for me is to explore together the background of the numerous ads, in the Domaining business, which read like this: "I make 5000 US$ with domain trades per week, and you? Buy my ebook xyz for xx dollars, and I share all the secrets with you".

On the other hand the domaining communities are full of tips and tricks. Probably the source of the mentioned ebooks stem from there, the "wisdom of the crowd".

So the interesting part of domaining appears to be more the public tracking of domain marketing (,real trades, how they occur and what money flows from A to B) than the tips and tricks, that are mostly sound horses's sense. My hypothesis is: people pay money for these ebooks, because they are curious to know, what is behind the scenes.

Need for a Wiki Bank

A special bank account on a WikiBank or PennyBank? with open view on a pay per view (PPV) would give lowcost marketing research samples and an additional income for the courageous pioneers, who play with open cards, offering additionally a(n) Wiki:OpenInvitationForParticipation.

So it is one of the goals to create such a bank, lets call them WikiBank, because the simulation of the use-cases can be made indeed in Wikis like AboutusOrg, together with Google Spreadsheets (as I do it currently: link comes later).

In the time before such transparent bank accounts the simulation of the involved processes take the role of the PPV solution. As a compromise the simulations can also be made in already existing SocialDomaining communities.

Since they are currently not on a PPV basis and since they are rare, they are attractors, making the selling of domain-names easier.

The role of the Creative Commons

I am fully aware that getting legal access to financial streams doesn't create wealth straightforward in a more substantial way, but it appears a necessary tool to the free floating CreativeCommons intelligence in wikis and beyond to not get them braindrained away to other places. Think of the "zero-sum-game" of domaining as a catalyst for creating and sharing wealth, as a consequence of empowering more people to act as free intelligence. You could also see it as a bootstrap method.

That depends on the community engagement

And of course, the more people collaborate online in the form of ExtremeOpenBusiness, to develop and market their domains, the greater the possibility to prove superiority over the closed business model.

(End of Fridemar's longer response)




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