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Ted Coombs

Hey to anyone visiting this page! I have been in the wiki-making effort for a couple of months now. I created http://www.wikihistory.org as a free World History site. I am interested in the Barn Raising discussed here because I want to create the technically best wiki site for my content type as well as find people who know how to get wikis known on the Internet so people can find them and add to them.

I am also interested in the discussion of InterWiki search because, as a content site, I am interested in having other wikis search my site for content. Alas, it looks like InterWiki search only searches on page names, which is useless for a site that names its pages with the number of a year. I am looking for any information on how to add the capability of other sites searching through the content of my site. I use PMWiki as the engine.

In a cooperative effort, I am also available for questions about anything you can think to ask.

Regards to all.

Welcome to MeatBall, Ted! Have you come across pages like CommittedFounder and SeedPosting yet? -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks Chris. I read the CommittedFounder and have been seed posting like Johnny Appleseed. I also joined the bus tour.



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