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From the website...

 the fray is a place for

 people who believe

 the web is about

 personal expression

 and a new kind of art

See also http://www.fray.org

Created and maintained by DerekPowazek.

the {fray} [sic] and its contributors list forms a kind of "natural centre" (ala Wiki:NatureOfOrder) of one of the best and foremost online story telling/poetry tradition of American English (and consequently the whole Internet). Especially circa 1998, when I read many of the pages both on and off the {fray}.

I would read a story on the {fray} and then jump off to the author's personal site and read that. And jump from that onto sites he or she found interesting, many of which were personal sites of other {fray} contributors. Even sites I thought were distinct from this structure, ones I found randomly, seemed to wind their way back to the {fray}.

It was one giant bowl of meatball spaghetti of personal expression.

After having spent enough time reading the {fray} and the authors' pages, I began to get a grasp on the lives and how they related to each other. I wasn't trying to be voyeuristic. The connections just eminated from their writings, emergently. Like any good collaborative hypermedium, except it wasn't consciously collaborative. You know, like a community.

And that brings me here to Meatball. If we could just get an ounce of that personality... Life ain't just Perl scripts, you know. -- SunirShah

Perl scripts are easier to edit than people, however.--CliffordAdams

Unless you're a Jedi. --ss


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