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Many years ago, when I was a regular on FidoNet's International C Echo (C_ECHO), it became obvious that good programmers were full of great references to information. Moreover, many questions either directly or indirectly could be answered by passing on these references.

I decided it would be useful to collect all these references into a permanent listing that someone could just go to for information. The idea was that anything on the list was recommended by someone at some point (as opposed to a bookstore that listed everything in their inventory).

Anyway, maintaining it became difficult as life progressed. Moreover, it was apparent that the readers should be supporting it, not me. And so goes my five year saga to learn more about hypertext and programming to get this done.

Interestingly, the hits and references to it have been growing. Even though the last update was four years ago last month, it still gets at least one hit an hour. Also, the page has been published in some commercial grade textbooks, including one of my university texts! (and, yes, I'm awfully proud of that)

Now that I have the room and power to grow, and some modicum of ability, I can finally really implement a collaborative version of TheProgrammersBooklist. -- SunirShah


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