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This is the public project journal for TheProgrammersBooklist. As the booklist is currently entirely SunirShah's fault, this journal may be a little boring. Hopefully, though, it should provide a sense of the project's pace and maybe spawn interesting discussions. It may also serve as a model for other projects floating around Meatball. Of course, this idea has been somewhat ripped from AdvoGato.

What happened? ^_^


Care to elaborate? Did Amazon waste your time? Do they maintain booklists? The booklist is unnecessary because the information is available via Amazon?

I was just joking. I ended up doing different things, like MeatballWiki. The first step is CrystalPalace, though, I think. I wrote an object repository in Perl.

[May 22, 2000]

I bought new K2 inline skates to replace my broken down Oxygen 2's. Looks like I'm going to be busy outside for a change. However, I've decided the ObviousNextStep is to learn Python so there you go. I'll come back when I've learnt enough to do something fun and interesting.

[May 14, 2000]

Journal created. I've been slowly learning Python and increasing my Unix administration skills. Slow because I've been busy; but that's no excuse, is it?

After having looked at various Smalltalks, I've realized that Smalltalk isn't really going to help me right now until I can ween out the cruft from the class libraries shipped with most Smalltalks. 700 classes are too much. Also, I'm a little worried about the fact the VirtualMachine?s are single-threaded. I've expounded more on this issue on "TheProgrammersBooklist, re: Language".


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