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A bank of images people could use in their wikis that served as public service announcements as well as just plain looking good.

I've been struck by the proliferation of very text heavy wikis in the world and am convinced that it doesn't have to be that way. Sure text is direct and functional. Wikis are a space as well and serve as an environment for discussion and work. In the same way people have potted plants at work and public bus stops have the occasional poster art or poetry quote to enliven the atmosphere, we could set up a page with wiki-relevant copyright-free images to share and use. Perhaps artfully presented public service announcements as well.

I think people could get creative with this, though, and create a new forum for art that combines a social message with aesthetics. Of course, a great many people will not want any images at all but having some easily available gives people a choice.

Love to hear people's thoughts on this. -- SamBower

Seeing as images are out there - with wikipedia, etc. - are there any images people might want more of? There's gotta be a need out there that just hasn't been identified. A funnies section? Editorial cartoons about Wikis? I'll have to keep thinking about this. I know it's there, I just can't put my finger on it... -- Sam

Links for more images? Please add them below.

WikiPedia maintains a rather impressive catalogue of PublicDomain images. See WikiPedia:Wikipedia:Public_domain_image_resources

The GreenmuseumWiki has a section called the greenhouse [1] with free images you are welcome to use.

Sam, this is interesting, could you point to an example(s) of what you are thinking here? Best, MarkDilley


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