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This is a template for making a tour bus stop. It should go on a page of your wiki named "TourBusStop" Replace "name-of-your-wiki" with the name of your wiki..

This is the name-of-your-wiki TourBus stop.

Describe your wiki here in a few paragraphs.

Include the following image (it's in the public domain, btw), preferably linking to the external image rather than copying it to your wiki.

Bus connections:

Famous sights to visit here at name-of-your-wiki:

Page 1
Link to a page that you're especially proud of, that describes your wiki, that describes your mission, or anything else you think people just coming through on a tour bus should see.

Page 2
And another.

Page 3
And another. Try to keep the famous sights section down to about 5-10 pages. Tour buses move fast!

For other topics,
Suggest other ways to explore your wiki.



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