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This is the MeatBall TourBus stop.

MeatballWiki is one of the oldest and most important wiki communities. It discusses and focuses on all aspects of online communication and online communities. Take your time to look around.

Meatball also acts as a sort of Central Station for the TourBus system: see the TourBusMap.

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Here you see, what the MeatballWiki is all about. You will find that this is not a trivial thing to understand. Simply put, the members talk about online culture and online communities. But Meatball also aims to be a community of communities; an intercommunity or a metacommunity. But those descriptions are all vague and ...

OnWikisAndSecurity, SoftSecurity
For many people that do not know the wiki, security is one of the first questions asked. "Can you really..." and "What if someone..." seem to come into anyones mind naturally. But a virtual world has other needs for freedom and other means for protection of its vital parts. Find out which...

...is a simple analogy for good community spirit. Everyone getting together to help one person out with only the expectation that, if the tables were turned, the beneficiary would do the same for anyone else. But the basic questions are: "Are online communities possible?", "Are they a vision or a reality?" and "How can they be grown?" ...

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