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Following the logic of Transclusion, TransPublishing is the use of TransClusion in the production of a document

This is a very useful way of using wiki:

For example, I might be creating a document with an Introduction, Chapter1, Chapter2 and several other sections, that need to be worked on by at least 3 other people.

I simply create a page for each section (an intro page, a chapter1 page chapter2 page etc..) Then make a master document and include each page into this master document.

Well, the smart thing about TransClusion in wikis like PhpWiki (maybe others too, I don't know) is that you can include sections of pages. So there might be three sections to each page:

A notes section, a draft section and a final section. When we are happy with something on the notes section it moves to the draft section, when we like something in the draft section, it moves to the final sectsion.

Eventually, the document forms itself gracefully, and looks nice.


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