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http://c.h23.org is a nice stable MoonEdit server where many wikis will have pages on. Ours is called meatball-wiki. It starts like that.

Welcome to the moon-edit page for meatball-wiki.


This page is for testing the interoperationability of moon-edit and wiki. We do not really know yet how to use both systems, both have clear advantages, and we still have to feel and figure out where there is a need to integrate them into each other. We find out best by using them both.

There is a page TransporterRoom on meatball to copy contents over from here and verse visa.


Try out moon-edit and wiki in combination. Use the realtime-advantage moon-edit has on the page level with wiki's advantages on linking and changeability of structure and ... and ... and.

To see and edit this page you have to download and install moon-edit, open it, go to file, join, type "c.h23.org", enter, in the file-list doubleclick the page meatball-wiki - in you are and probably not even alone.



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