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Using CamelCase as a LinkPattern is designed to create pages for a PatternLanguage, not for definitions. Sometimes, however, strange twisted pretzel creations are necessary when a link is made on a single word. These pages are UgLy. Not only are they difficult to read, but they are difficult to remember. On which letter did you break the word? With an environment of UgLy pages, it's very likely that different spellings will be used for the same concept, leading to distinct pages, which is a waste of effort.

Therefore, avoid these monstrosities. You could opt for the WhatIsFoo convention, like WhatIsaMedium. This unfortunately leads to twisted pretzels in the wider text around the link such as

"Paper is a medium. (cf. WhatIsaMedium)"

There usually are many ways out with this open-ended medium. You just have to be creative:

But, sometimes you're stuck. Proper names create a problem. Certainly MicroSoft is better than MicrosoftCorporation because it's more likely that other people will try MicroSoft than the much more obscure MicrosoftCorporation. PenNames are particularly problematic, which is yet another reason to UseRealNames, which are conveniently typically amenable to our LinkPattern. Or, in reverse, CamelCase links are a way to gently encourage real names.

Corollary: CamelCase links are not appropriate for wikis based around definitions (WikiAsKnowledgeBase?: encyclopedias, dictionaries, documentation, catalogues, etc). For these wikis you really need some form of FreeLinking enabled.

cf. Wiki:UgLy.

see also - a response to [the ugly wiki]



TimChambers -- Fri Aug 12 16:16:26 2022

TIL! Thank you! Using for WhatIsMeta.

TimChambers -- Fri Aug 12 16:17:25 2022

Too much fun. WhatIsTIL?

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