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The "Preferences" link allows one to set a UserName, which can be any valid page name, like CliffordAdams. After the UserName is set, any edits by the user will show the user name on RecentChanges (instead of the host the user edited from). The host and user-id number are included in the link title--browsers like MSIE will display the host/id if one moves the mouse over the UserName link.

Users can share user-ids between systems using a password/login scheme. Anyone can use any UserName they like (as long as it is a valid LinkPattern). The User-id (a number, 1001 or greater) is what UseModWiki uses to distinguish users, and store their individual preferences. This user-id is stored in a cookie on your system, along with a random number to make it non-trivial to get another user's information. You can see the user-ID as the link title of your name on RecentChanges (as a tooltip message on MSIE and Netscape).

The new password/login scheme allows people to share a *single* user-ID between multiple systems (like work/home systems). One could enter a password on the home system, and then go to work and enter the user-id and the same password. UseModWiki will then send the home cookie to your work system, and the two systems will share a single user-id.

Right now there isn't much need for this feature, as there are relatively few customizable settings. You can simply have multiple user-ids and set each one up separately.



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