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The stylus presents numerous improvements over the mouse when it comes to such precision actions as drawing. Now, instead of pawing the mouse, the user can precisely position the stylus where she wants. Morever, she can dextrously move the stylus whilst drawing, just like a real pen (though not normally a pencil; relative pressure makes no difference to many systems, like a Palm). Actually, even using a traditional widget GUI is easier with a stylus, because much interaction requires clicking on very small HotZones.

One major difference from the mouse, as noted, is that the system has no idea where the stylus is between actions. Thus, there is no way to represent this information. If you've ever tried navigating with a stylus, it is very difficult. In this respect, UsingTheMouse is easier because the cursor is a caret (WhatIsaCaret).

Some systems using the stylus on a tablet; more germane to us is the use of the stylus on a HandHeld, like a PalmPilot. This is very easy to use (and very small.)



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