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Similar to the WantedPages IndexingScheme, a method for discovering those pages that contain lots of dangling links, which is a possible TextSmell?. It would turn up pages like ConflictResolution and SoftSecurity. Its a fun coincidence that the second word in the term refers to both those things doing the wanting as the things being wanted.

Extended mode would be where WantedPages is cross referenced with WantingPages, showing those pages which both want lots of pages, and whose wanted pages are also highly wanted.

The LinkDatabase script can do [something close], generating a long list of wanting pages with their WantedPages, but all sorted alphabetically. You can scan your eye down the list and spot the long lines, but it's not ideal.

I've taken that list and massaged it about, and interestingly the WantingPages vs WantedPages metrics plots out as hyperbolic. Looking at what those Wanting/Wanted Pages are I see the really interesting stuff happens in the middle. I also see that the most Wanting of the WantingPages tend to be personal pages, so it would be nice to have a homepage=0 option.

I think I'll split this suggestion off to its own page so I can paste in some example reports, and then we'll see if this idea holds water or is just some new fangled way to find more noise.



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