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Wikinfo, pronounced "wiki-info" [Wikinfo.org], is a general purpose encyclopedia, dictionary and index of mainly GFDL content running on GetWiki collaboration software and hosted by [ibiblio]. Wikinfo was founded by FredBauder in the Summer of 2003, as a fork of WikiPedia based on SympatheticPointOfView, rather than NeutralPointOfView. As Bauder [says]:
"Wikinfo in many ways is Wikipedia turned on its head. While Wikinfo has not adopted the obverse of all Wikipedia policies in many cases it has. For example, rather than trying to achieve a neutral point of view in each article, Wikinfo seeks exploration of multiple points view regarding any subject..."

As a contributor and developer of Wikinfo I may be biased, but I think Wikinfo is food for thought on many levels related to WikiCulture and WikiDemocracy?. It is interesting to note that Wikinfo is now as large as Wikipedia was just a couple of years ago (give or take), and has much of the controversial content Wikipedians have deleted, but has none of the problems which plague Wikipedia. In my opinion, Wikinfo is positioned to long outlive the slow implosion of Wikipedia, but more importantly, it is configured to be open to multiple, diverse points of view on any topic without the rancor and GroupThink now associated Wikipedia[1]. -GetProteus

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