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"A wiki, at its most efficient and most stunning, is not a category. It is not a technology. It is not a notebook. It is not a website. It is not a medium. It is not a community. It is not a place. Rather, it is the sum totality of everything, including all those things; and all those things centre around the dynamic of its essential parts and dimensions: community, content, code, network, atemporal, place." (from WikiWay, also see CommunityWiki:CliquesAndCommunities)

Hello, this is [Proteus] of GetWiki and WikInfo fame...

I've started some thoughts on WikInfo and MeatballSuggestions. I'm interested in your thoughts on WikInfo, and by extension, GetMeta?: What it's future might be, and how it succeeds in ways that other Wikis roundly fail. Wikinfo is not an OnlineCommunity in the same ways as other Wikis. Also, as the developer of GetWiki, I'm interested in making the next version of the application somehow cross-wiki friendly with UseMod, MoinMoin, PhpWiki, as well as the MediaWiki/GetWiki base. -GetProteus (April, 2005)


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