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A name for a set of Web pages served by a WikiEngine. The server, on which the software runs, could be a WikiFarm. You are currently reading one page of a WikiForum, the MeatballWiki Forum, based on the UseMod WikiEngine.

From the original author's Twin Page: Wiki:WikiForum (FridemarPache originated the terms WikiEngine and WikiForum)

Old Discussion fragments:'

WikiForum is the wikized version of a mailing list between wiki implementors. Pretty cool. The list is kind of quiet now, though. You can find an archive of the messages at


WikiForum était la version wikifiée d'une liste de diffusion entre les réalisateurs wikis. La liste semble être calme maintenant. Vous pouvez retrouver une archive des messages sur :


On a totally different note, Wiki:WikiForum.

Sur une tonalité bien différente, CraoWiki:WikiForum (fr) et Wiki:WikiForum (en)


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