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I'm not entirely sure how to organize this, but I feel it's best to just start.

Please timestamp all entries. We will delete job entries every so often.

SocialText is looking for a VP of Engineering http://www.linkedin.com/e/vjb/282392/ (Mar 07)

I am looking for a person who is locally in the San Francisco Bay area and could help out Wind River for around 6 month to maintain our large TWiki deployment with 60K pages, 20K page changes per month, serving 1000 employees. This includes help desk work, coaching employees in collaboration, helping restructure content, and creating and supporting TWiki applications. -- PeterThoeny (peter.thoeny at windriver.com); March 27, 2005

Sebastien Paquet finds the first job posting requiring wiki knowledge
Sources say that is for JotSpot.


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