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The term WikiServer is in use for different things...

  1. a web server that is equipped with WikiSoftware (a WikiEngine) to provide wiki space for a larger number of wikis. The WikiEngine is a CGI script running on a server on the internet, communicating with the client via HTTP. Traditionally, the client is just a browser. The interfaces (HTML page templates), the text data (page database), user specific data (aka preferences) are stored on the server.
  2. a wiki engine that includes its own minimal webserver. An example of this is "WxWikiServer", written by Ryan Norton for Microsoft operating systems, and, since version 1.5.10, also for Linux and Mac OS X.
  3. (incorrectly) used for WikiEngine.

Hypothetically, a WikiServer might not even use HTTP, but a wiki-specific network protocol. But then you would need to write a special wiki client software.


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