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WikiService is a wiki provider that was started in 2001 by HelmutLeitner to support wiki projects and to advance wiki software, applications and knowledge. The goal of WikiService is to minimize all problems that hinder wiki applications, especially to enable non-experts to run high-quality wikis at moderate costs.

Typical questions

Do I need expertise? - No, you send an e-mail describing your needs, answer a few questions about naming and access rights. You choose a layout, maybe provide a logo image, maybe decide to have your own domain. One or two days later your own unique wiki is installed and available.

What about the costs? - Private wikis are about $15-25 per month depending on page count limits. Topic wikis $30-60. Educational $30-60. Commercial $60-600. This is all-inclusive. Includes installation and initial layout tuning, all support, software updating and maintenance. There are no hidden costs and no updating strategies.

Can I use such a wiki as a PIM? - Yes, you are initially registered (username+password) as the only administrator for your wiki anyway, so if read and write access is set "restricted to administrators" then you have your own secure PIM workspace accessable from any Internet browser anywhere. But you can also split your wiki, making part of it public.

Can I switch the wiki type, private to commerical or private to public? - Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade according to your actual needs and you can change the configuration of your wiki anytime. Configuration support is free like all other support. Switching is also easy because there is no basic functional difference between different wiki types.

Can I have an individual layout? - Yes, you can access the layout template file which resides in your upload area. You can copy and modify or replace the template with your own design. You can use wiki pages as templates, editing them just as easily as standard wiki pages.You can configure parts of your wiki to use different layouts and experiment "in place".

Can I switch the wiki provider? - Yes, at WikiService you have access to the page database and its text content respectively. Currently there is little experience in switching, but we will help in creating conversion scripts, no matter whether you want to switch "to" or "from" WikiService. The only way we want to bind you to WikiService is by quality.

Why are there no free wikis at WikiService? - It breaks our heart - and wastes our time and energy - to mass-produce wikis that are doomed for dying. Our goal is to have the highest-possible percentage of succeeding wikis. By the way there even are free wikis at WikiService, for example FreeWikisForSchools. Ask for a free wiki if you have a goal in public interest.

See also ProWiki.


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