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Released August 20, 2005. A WysiwygWiki control. 'Wikiwyg' by BrianIngerson? & co. of http://www.kwiki.org and SocialText is a Javascript module that operates over any <div> to allow you to edit it with wiki formatting, but save as HTML. The server-side component can turn the XHTML back into wiki, and wiki back into XHTML. For browsers that cannot handle it, it gracefully degrades back to expected <textarea/> behaviour.

The basic idea is that people still don't want to do a lot of fancy formatting that you will find with the common HTML WYSIWYG controls. Wikis don't compete well with MS Word, nor is MS Word very usable because people waste too much time formatting. Similarly, people like WikiSyntax. So, give them buttons and some visual feedback, but keep all the power of WikiSyntax.

At this point, still at 0.10 and not 100% working, but definitely heading in the right direction. It only works in FireFox? currently.

It may appear at WikiWikiWeb in the near future. It's available for [download] off of JSAN.



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