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The MeatballWiki LinkDatabase feature gives a list of all page-links in the local wiki. The first link on each line is to the page being searched, and the following links are those that were found on that page.

MoinMoin supports this format with version 1.0, see MoinMoin:?action=links&mimetype=text/plain.

The http://c2.com/wiki/links.zip file from Wiki:WikiMines is an outdated printout of the C2 wiki database. The format includes "|" characters for horizontal rules. The TouchGraphWikiBrowser supports this format, and will group the child nodes according to the horizontal rule-bordered section that they appeared in.

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Does anyone know if Twiki uses LinkDatabase feature? --DennisDaniels

Not yet, soon maybe. See TWiki:Codev/TouchGraphTopicList

Does anyone know if http://alt.thetinfoilhat.com/tiki-custom_home.php uses LinkDatabase? --DennisDaniels 2mar03

I suggested a LinkDatabase for ZWiki on their ZwikiDotOrg? page today. See ZWiki:LinkDatabase. --FlorianKonnertz

WxWikiServer has no LinkDatabase feature yet in v1.5.3, too. I hope it will be implemented in future there also. --TonyArmani


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