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I joined this wiki on 2002-09-13.


Have a nice day!


My PersonalPublicWiki?: NooWiki at http://openspirit.de/noowiki/FrontPage

My most current wiki homepage is here: http://openspirit.de/noowiki/flok/HomePage


Welcome Florian! -- Best, MarkDilley

  Hi Mark - FlorianKonnertz 

MarkDilley deleted a bunch of his nonsense and says hello, thanks for you note on PeerToPeer, about a p2p wiki. So we have AllInOne?, OneBigWiki, PeerToPeer and other pages to refractor for this idea. I am excited! Till soon, Mark (p.s. I hope that this was ok to cut this conversation, it was based on my mistake so I deleted it. You know how to get it all back right?)

Hi Mark - Yeah, it's ok for me that you deleted our conversation. I checked out the revision function the first time, it's nice and useful in case something is deleted inadvertently. - Ok, now to the idea of 'Xwiki', the ultimate InterWikiProtocol? (This is the term most suitable for me at the moment.) Great to hear you're excited, which is what i am! :) I gonna try later to refactor all that stuff, i don't know yet on which wiki to put the site (MeatballWiki or Zwiki or both), I'll let you know on your main homepage, ok!? - cu, FlorianKonnertz



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