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A network of computers, cell phones or whatever that is connected via Radio or Micro waves. A common standard for wireless networking with computers is WirelessEthernet, 802.11b

    <kensanata> fuck cable and adsl and all that.  just hook up
      some neighbours and share the bandwidth.
    <shapr> yah, exactly
    <shapr> peer to peer wireless networks
    <shapr> hardware gnutella

This is the key -- hardware gnutella (see GnutellaProject for "software gnutella"). And it is very similar to what LawrenceLessig described in his FutureOfIdeas when he talks about packet radio -- we could solve our bandwidth problems, if we just got rid of the last mile, instead of finding yet-another-supplier for the last mile.

Alex, I have a feeling this is more on the software side, well maybe not, but where does http://open-content.net/ fall into this? - MarkDilley

I don't understand what you are trying to say. Can you elaborate? My statement is not about open content or copyright, it is about wireless networks, warchalking, and connecting all your friends and neighbours to the Internet instead of paying for access individually. -- AlexSchroeder

From what I understand of http://open-content.net is that it allows information to be downloaded to everyone on the network (mesh?) I guess I was thinking that the ideas fit together somehow, please delete at will. md



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