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A Writer's Log is a FilteredRecentChanges: it is like RecentChanges except that it picks one or more authors and shows what else they have been writing.

This can be used to answer questions such as:

Should a wiki offer up this sort of information? Is it an invasion of privacy? See UserStalking for a discussion.

In WardCunningham's original implementation, combining page history and writer's log, the log shows quite vividly how a wiki conversation revolves around a few pages. Still, is this dialogue what wiki is really about?

A long and detailed RecentChanges list is good enough to show who is who and where the conversation is currently concentrating, provided that the wiki has fairly low levels of activity. However, this is inadequate on a busy wiki: if there are a thousand changes a day, then tracking someone who only edits at the weekend becomes essentially impossible.

In order to safeguard the RightToVanish, allow users to opt out of having a writers log when they exercise their RightToLeave. For example, allow users to limit the log to posts they have made in the last month, or allow them to disable the writers log if they have not posted for a month.


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