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This category is for wiki features and ideas which have been implemented, but which are not yet common. Click on the title of this page to see what pages exist.

Every page in this category should have at least one link to an implementation of the feature described. For features not yet implemented anywhere, see CategoryUnimplementedWikiTechnology. (These two categories should be disjoint.)

The links to implementations could be standardised - having something like:

[CategoryUncommonWikiTechnology]: implemented on OddMuse ([link])


JuanmaMP (J): Useful? I update a link here (I haven't created a category or I don't understood well).

FridemarPache (F): Thank you Juanma, for updating this category. I think it is useful, unless somebody knows an already existing category here that serves as a collector for uncommon Wiki technology. Readers of this page might also be interested in Wiki:WikiEnginesWanted, Wiki:WikiLikeThings, AnnotationWiki, TrailFire in (rudimentary) wiki-mode and Wikifying ConceptMaps.

J: Interesting pages, for example Wiki:WikiEnginesWanted I didn't know it. Imho, almost all the existing lists passed a short development (compared to the entire list that might exist. There're two or three in c2, two or three in wikipedia, features.sheep.art.pl, wikimatrix and a little more. For example, usually asian wikis don't see western wikis and viceversa. I am thinking in SeeingTheWholeEngine? ...) [1], I believe that the participation has decreased, except in wikimatrix, but neither is approaching entire completeness. Features are interesting for hacking and act/art of communication. Say that the functionality of the application affects how but also what we communicate.

F: Your hints to asian wikis inspires us to want to know more about them and perhaps creating some bridges. The language problem could perhaps be mitigated by the Firefox addon Google:Ubiquity, that has build in translation capabilities, including Chinese.

J: It is astonishing that bidirectionality is rarely seen.

F: I am very sad, to be rather the only one, who practises BiLinking, see also [AboutusOrg:BiLinks].

J: I don't know why there's not more use. It's a very precise and graphic description, maybe because it is a new word with no new concepts?. No. It's sum of outgoing and incoming. Not separately, and certainly it helps the (inter) transparency. BiLink is OutcomingIncoming?.

F: Yes, within wikis and beyond for global distributed conversations and collaboration ("imaginuous cells"). Within many wikis you could of course click on the title page to get all pages that point to the current page from within, but explicit bilinking helps to build more coherence, consistency and efficiency in a global scope, useful not only for readers but also for co-creating authors to care for the navigation and quality of internetworked wikipages. You might also want to have a look at WikiNode.

J: As I am interested in a compendium of features, thank you Fridemar for the links. MB is a continuous wave of information and knowledge.

F: The thank you is symmetrical.

See also PersonalFeatureRequestLists and [the WikiFeatures wiki].
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