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Yuppies--young urban professionals--those latte-drinking, Italian-shoe-leather-wearing, recent post-secondary graduates, who are entering the workforce with energy in their veins and dollars in their eyes, occasionally feel guilty for having so much money.

Way more money than most people on earth.

So they grab hold of academic socialist theories, yapping with other yuppie socialists over coffee over the world's problems, CorporateGovernment and what to do about it all.

Of course, they don't actually go out and do anything about it.

This, of course, characterizes me. Except I'm not exactly rich. Maybe I'm a student socialist. -- SunirShah

Maybe you should apply here:

VSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers. VSO sends people, not money. We are the world's biggest independent volunteer-sending organisation. Our volunteers are selected for their professional skills and personal qualities. Committed to learning, they help empower individuals, communities and organisations, building self-esteem, skills and confidence to develop lasting solutions to poverty.

Sounds interesting. -- AlexSchroeder, also a yuppie socialist.


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