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Hoping to start a wiki soon as a resource and community for veg(etari)ans. Right now I'm trying to figure out what wiki engine to use, what I need to learn to use it (don't know jack about HTML let alone PHP, etc.), and what license to use. I wish WikiCities allowed people to chose their own license(s).

(see ShareAlike)

Meatball seems like an amazingly good idea.

More info is on my user page at Wikipedia. You're smart, you can find me.

I don't know if this page is supposed to be in a different "namespace", or what.

Alexander, welcome. Your page is perfect, we do not separate content and communication, there is only one namespace. By the way, are you German? Do you know TimHeil? and the VeganWiki he initiated? -- HelmutLeitner

Hi, Helmut, thank you for the welcome. I like the philosophy around here. I am not German, although I tried to learn the language once. Not enough to really understand much of the German VeganWiki however. I came across that site (although, not the Meatball page) awhile ago; I can read some French, and so I was looking at the French version (fr.veganwiki.org). It didn't look very active, so I wrongly assumed the whole site was not active.

I will have to think about joining Tim's site now, if he's open to an English version. It'd simplify a lot of the work. On the other hand, I may decide to try to start my own, because I would prefer to use Mediawiki (since many people are familiar with it thru Wikipedia), and I would prefer to use wikiveg.org or wikivegan.org. Even if a started a separate site though, we could perhaps share content, if I used GFDL. -- ZachAlexander



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