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An essay by ClayShirky - "This is a lightly edited version of the keynote I gave on Social Software at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference in Santa Clara on April 24, 2003."

Three Things to Accept

Shirky means, you really have to accept these points because many experiences in different communities give clear evidence that:

  1. First ... you cannot completely separate technical and social issues,
  2. Second ... Members are different than users,
  3. Third ... The core group has rights that trump individual rights in some situations.

Just [2004-06-20] read it and was astonished how seemlessly his opinions and experiences merge with mine: social and technical aspects of OCs are inseparable; you have to accept that there are members forming a core group that has different rights in special situations; the core group must have ways to defend the community; sooner or later a community will need a constitution. ACK. -- HelmutLeitner



Un essai de ClayShirky - "C'est une version légèrement remaniée du discours que j'ai donné sur le Logiciel Relationnel à la conférence O'Reilly Emerging Technology à Santa Clara le 24 avril 2003."

Trois Choses à Accepter

  1. Premièrement... vous ne pouvez pas dissocier complètement les questions techniques et sociales,
  2. Deuxièment... Les membres sont différents des utilisateurs,
  3. Troisièmement... Le noyau dur du groupe a des droits qui coupent les droits des individus dans quelques situations particulières.

Discours traduit sur CraoWiki:UnGroupeEstSonPropreEtPireEnnemi. Je tenais simplement à signaler que cet article passionnant reste ouvert à la relecture en français. -- ChristopheDucamp


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