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The AlertBox is a bi-weekly column on Web usability by JakobNielsen.

Recommended reading for anybody that publishes things on the web.


At our company, I use these alerbox articles to argue for simpler web design and less graphics. No success. The argument goes that our web site will be read by marketing droids, therefore it must be as ugly as the other pages out there on the web. We don't want visitors to feel overwhelmed with information. I wonder what that means. I guess they are supposed to feel snug and comfortable with zero content. -- AlexSchroeder

(Do you have a URL for that, so we can have a peek? -- StijnSanders)

Tell your company to contact Vividence. All the profitable sellers on the web returned to basic marketing and retailing know-how, removing the annoying Flash intros, and making the web page customer-friendly instead of customer-hostile. Simplicity and focus is the only profitable web design. Think like a grocery store. I'm serious about Vividence. They will fix things for you. -- SunirShah


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