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In contrast to TheIndividual, a single person as it functions as a piece of TheCollective.

The distinction shouldn't be overly reified; except when stranded on a desert island or on its own private planet, TheIndividual is always AnIndividual, and vice-versa. When TheCollective is a voluntary one, with the RightToLeave, AnIndividual will only stay on if working as part of the collective also fulfills, directly or indirectly, some need(s) of TheIndividual. And some important needs of TheIndividual are best fulfilled by serving as AnIndividual in the right sort of collective. So each sense feeds the other.

Since the collective is immaterial, responsibility for action (or ommission thereof) always lies with AnIndividual.

Seems like a ShallowPage to me - perhaps I don't understand correctly?

It may be relatively shallow at the moment; I apologize if so (I'm not sure what the boundary of shallowness is; the paragraph warning against overreification seemed contentful to me). In the long run, though, surely there's a significant amount to be said about the function of AnIndividual in TheCollective? That could all go under TheCollective, of course, but it seems a significantly different slant. Feel free to deepen what's here, or to delete the page (but note that it was one o' them WantedPages, so after deletion you'll have to think about what to do to the hanging links to it). --DavidChess



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