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I'm an economist and a musician. I live in Ann Arbor, where I'm finishing my PhD in Economics. I went to Oberlin College. I study decision theory, the nature of causality, and microeconomic theory generally. I spend most of my time thinking about how people think about things--that is, ways that I as a scientist can understand how people represent the things they think about in their own heads. In other words, theories about theories. Here's a little more about that: http://homepage.mac.com/andreaspape/zap/C10977253/E848118039/index.html

Fall of '04 I released an album, "The Big Hit." Here's more info about it: http://www.thebighitalbum.com . Here are some free downloads: http://homepage.mac.com/andreaspape/zap/thebighit/free/

I'm here because I found the MeatballMission to be very compelling. I think that modern technology now allows for a new kind of social progress, one in which we have a radical kind of willful participation in life. I've been thinking a lot about how social progress is made. For example, I've thought about the MoralityOfStarWars? as a good metaphor, outlined in this blogpost:


I love that they consider themselves PublicArt. I'm going to poke around some more.

Welcome to Meatball, Andreas! I hope you enjoy your stay. -- StephenGilbert

Thanks, Stephen. This is a very interesting community. Much more alive than my usual internet wanderings, which are usually blog-focussed. One comment I saw on one of the pages was Blogging is sadness. Perhaps Blogging is loneliness?

Andreas, welcome. Feel at home. Maybe AndriusKulikauskas's ["glossary of structure"] is of interest to you. It's meta-thinking in an extreme way. I just wrote a [kind of introduction] to it. -- HelmutLeitner

Thank you very much Helmut! What a wonderful community here. I looked briefly at glossary of structure. I also looked at your description of the the book SourcesOfPower. This looks like a very interesting book. I am a decision theorist of sorts, so a fair amount of my time is spent thinking about decision-making in the abstract. The notion of people running internal models to figure out what to do is actually closely related to my current research. I'll take a closer look.

Hi, Andreas! Consider the work of [Norman Anderson] on cognitive algebra. In a lifetime of research, he showed that our minds access many qualities as intuitive quantities and relate them variously by multiplying, averaging, adding. This accounts for strange but practical results, for example, that people will score a good present (like a diamond ring) higher than a pair of presents (like a diamond ring and a sweater) because their minds average when faced with this task. -- AndriusKulikauskas



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