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A thinker and mathematician from US (raised in California) and Lithuania (family origin), now living in Vilnius, Lithuania.Founder of the independent thinkers (now OpenLeader) network, promoting PrimarilyPublicDomain and EthicalPublicDomain as part of networking logic. He is building a world-wide network supporting people in their fundamental ideas (key concepts) which most often turn out to be social: FranzNahrada and his GlobalVillages project, KerrySanto? and her work for homeless people, just to name a few from dozens ... one can't overestimate the work that is done by Andrius. His work is also theoretically interesting because it balances online community building and real world community building. That's why I became interested in his work. I met him recently (Jun05) at Kirchbach (Austria). Andrius's mathematical work starts where Immanuel Kant got stuck with his categories, effectively stating a priori topologies of the thinkable (that's my view, Andrius wouldn't put it that way). Easy to read but not easy to understand. It's interesting how this merges with his social work of online and real world networking. I fully trust him in his personal integrity and in succeeding with his networking effort. Please support Andrius and cooperate with him, if you can. -- HelmutLeitner

Hello! Helmut, Thank you very much! It's great to work with you. --AndriusKulikauskas

Andrius, welcome. I hope you'll get something out of MeatballWiki and I also hope you'll tell us about your rich mixed communication environment experiences eventually. -- HelmutLeitner

Helmut, today is eventually. ;) Here's a page for OurCultureWiki for discussing development of our wiki. --AndriusKulikauskas



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