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Andrew Cates loves Wikis and contributes to quite a few, e.g.Wiki:AndrewCates.

He has a non Wiki homepage at [Cates Homepage] on which he has posted his [Book] and [Maths puzzles].

He does work as a manager for a [Children Charity] and is especially interested in [Aids Africa] orphans.

The community and behaviour aspects of Wiki are of particular interest

Some of your comments (on other pages) are hard to understand. Shorter sentences might help.

Ok I'll try

What sort of wiki would you like to see for the kind of thing discussed on andstuff? -- vk

Main thing is a starting community with enought respect for each other to keep it on the rails...

Just for fun here is a bad poem I wrote as a teenager (which is included in book above):


Andrew's Dad would never read him stories;

"Best to keep his feet firm on the ground,

Confuse him, if you tell him tales of fairies,

When we know quite well that such things can't be found."


Still, the boy grew up a funny lad

"He lives in a different world", they said.

"Will Santa come and fill my stocking, Dad?"

Dad killed Santa, then and there, quite dead.


Though vexed, his father was a patient man;

Bought Andrew books on science in his youth,

Grew flowers in two pots, and, with a can,

Watered one -- the other flops -- "that's proof!".


One day; a simple fact; Andrew cried

To hear his father's fate; Dad's here no more,

But in his heart he could not quite decide

If "Dad" was fact or just folklore.


A sweetheart declared she loved him, but

No litmus test could tell him why,

Or whether it was true, or what ...

Red roses meant? ... What made him shy?


Andrew lived in scientific places,

But deep within he had another leaning;

To smile at smiles, and sorrow at sad faces,

And view facts from where he had a meaning.

Sometimes Andrew uses the name Bozmo. He puts up snapshots of [Simple WikiPedia], [Reference WikiPedia], and [French WikiPedia] at [reference] for people who wish to be able to cite it with certainty that the text won't change after linking

Welcome Andrew, just discovered, that I hadn't discovered you yet. I love to experience Science and Art reconciliated. Do/did you write Google:ScienceSongs or do you consider to write some? My other question, inspired by visiting you homepage, is: Are you interested to co-build a Google:PennyBank.biz or in Google:SocialDomaining for the 200 million OLPC-kids. Imagine 10 kids borrow 80 cents each (with a symbolic interest rate of say <= 5%). They buy a domain-name, e.g. PythagorasRocks?.com. Together with their teachers they realize a WikiNomics based OpenBusiness:

-- FridemarPache



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